Since 1980 the family Pastor Gilabert has been associated with the wine’s world through its hostelry and wine business.

In 2003, Vinos de Terruños was born, founded by Jose G. Pastor and with the subsequent incorporation of his daughter Teresa Pastor. Starting to make our own wines in different designations of origin within the Spanish territory, with the close collaboration of small local producers and various expert winemakers in the different designations of origin where these wines are made.

Our goal is to give international projection to our winemaking culture through our cuvees. We began our journey in the American market with great acceptance.

Our philosophy has been and will be be able to reach to wine lovers, handmade cuvees with native Spanish varieties. From old, green and sustainable vineyards our wines identified as authentic Spanish wine terroirs.


– San Francisco (California – CA)
– Denver (Colorado – CO)
– Rhode Island (RI) – Niles (Illinois – IL)
– Framingham (Massachusetts – MA)
– New York (New York – NY)
– New Jersey (New Jersey – NJ)
– Philadelphia (Pennsylvania – PE)
Asheville (Noth Carolina – NC)
– Portland (Oregon – OR)
– Austin (Texas – TX)
– Seattle (Washington – WA)
– Washington (VA)
– Atlanta (Georgia – GA)
– Charleston (South Carolina – SC)
– Toronto (Ontario – Canada)
– San Juan (Puerto Rico)