VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL guarantees the protection and confidentiality of the personal data, of any type that provide us our companies clients of compliance with the General Regulation of Personal Data protection.

All the proportionate data by our companies clients to, VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL Or his personnel, will include in an archive of personal data automated created and maintained under the responsibility of VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL essential to provide the services requested by the users.

When registering or buy any product, confirms that has more than 18 years.

The proportionate data will use according to the established in the General Regulation of Personal Data protection, in this felt VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL has adopted the levels of protection legally required, and does use of all the measures to avert any loss, bad use, alteration or no -Access authorised by third. However, the user has to be conscious that the measures of security in Internet are possible to rape. In case to find personal information adapted to provide to other companies, will inform explicitly to the user about said data, the aim of the archive and the name and the direction of the cesionario, so that it can give his consent of unambiguous way.

In fulfillment of the disposals of the General Register of Data protection, the user will be eligible to exert his right of access, modification, cancellation / elimination, opposition, limitation or portability. For this, will have to contact us by email to [email protected] or in the street University 4, 46003 Valency, ​​Spain.

Politics of Cookies

Cookie is a file that downloads in his computer when accessing to determinate web pages. The cookies allow to a web page, among other things, store and recover information on the habits of navigation of an user or of his squad and, depend the information that contain and of the form in that it use his squad, can use to recognise to the user. The browser of the user memorises cookies in the hard disk only during the current session occupying a by heart minimum space and not prejudicing to the computer. The cookies do not contain any class of specific personal information, and the majority of the same erase of the hard disk when finalising the session of browser (the designated cookies of session).

The majority of the browsers accept like standard to the cookies and, with independence of the same, allow or prevent in adjust them of security the temporary cookies or memorised.

Without his express consent –by means of the activation of the cookies in his browser, VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR will not link in the cookies the data memorised with his personal data provided in the moment of the register or the purchase.

Which types of cookies uses this web page?

– Technical cookies: they Are those that allow to the user the navigation through a web page, platform or application and the utilisation of the different options or services that in her exist as, for example, control the traffic and the communication of data, identify the session, access to parts of access restricted, remember the elements that integrate a request, make the process of purchase of a request, make the application of registration or participation in an event, use elements of security during the navigation, store contents for the diffusion of videos or sound or share contents through social nets.

– Cookies of personalización: they Are those that allow to the user access to the service with some characteristics of general character predefinidas in function of a series of criteria in the terminal of the user as for example serian the language, the type of browser through the cual accesses to the service, the regional configuration from where accesses to the service, etc.

– Cookies of analysis: they Are those that very treated by us or by third, allow us quantify the number of users and like this make the measurement and statistical analysis of the utilisation that do the users of the service offered. For this analyses his navigation in our web page with the end to improve the offer of products or services that offer him.

– Advertising cookies: they Are those that, very treated by us or by third, allow us manage of the most effective form possible the offer of the advertising spaces that there is in the web page, adapting the content of the ad to the content of the service requested or to the use that make of our web page. For this can analyse his habits of navigation in Internet and can show him advertising related with his profile of navigation.

– Cookies of advertising comportamental: they Are those that allow the management, of the most effective form possible, of the advertising spaces that, in his case, the editor have included in a web page, application or platform from which loans the service requested. These cookies store information of the behaviour of the users obtained through the observation continued of his habits of navigation, what allows to develop a specific profile to show advertising in function of the same.

– Cookies of third: The Web of VINOS DE TERRUNOS can use services of VINOS DE TERRUNOS, gather information with statistical ends, of use of the Site by the user and for the provision of other services related with the activity of the Website and other services of Internet. In particular, this website uses Google Analytics, an analytical service of web loaned by Google, Inc. with domicile in the United States with central headquarters in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043.  For the provision of these services, these use cookies that recopilan the information, included the direction IP of the user, that will be transmitted, treated and stored by Google in the terms fixed in the Web Including the possible transmission of said information to third by reasons of legal requirement or when said third process the information by account of Google.

The User accepts on purpose, by the utilisation of this Site, the treatment of the information collected in the form and with the previously mentioned ends. And likewise it recognises to know the possibility to refuse the treatment of such data or information refusing the use of Cookies by means of the selection of the appropriate configuration to such end in his browser. Although this option of blockade of Cookies in his browser can not to allow him the full use of all the functionalities of the Website.

It can you allow, block or delete the installed cookies in his squad by means of the configuration of the options of the installed browser in his computer.

If has doubts on this politics of cookies, can contact in [email protected]


All the prices of the products or services of the website include the VAT and any another tax that can be applicable. In any case, the prices will express in euros (€).

The prices reflected for each product or service do not include sending, manipulation, packaging, sure of sending or any another additional service to the product or service purchased, unless it indicate on purpose the contrary. Any one of these additional costs that are applicable will be communiqués to the User before formalising the purchase.

The applicable prices to each product or service will be the published in the website and will apply automatically in the last phase of the process of purchase.

The user assumes that the price of some of the products or services offered can vary in real time. In any case, this always will communicate before the formalisation of the sale.

The user accepts to pay in the moment to make the request and can pay in any one of the methods of payment specified in the website.

Once made the payment, the User will receive an email confirming the request, that will include a round-up of the articles bought, the way of sending requested and the direction of delivery.

VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SLcan offer periodically codes of discount to his Users. Said discounts only can apply in accordance with the instructions specified by VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL regarding each code, and in any case, the Users only can use an only code by request. The use of codes of discount will not be compatible with some promotional actions and collections.

All and each one of our packages of bottles are carefully prepared in our installations, by what all his requests have to arrive in perfect conditions. If this was not the case, send us an email to [email protected]

If has difficulties to complete his request or cruise by our website, reinicie his browser web. If the problems persist, contact us and our squad will help it the before possible.

Our methods of payment accepted are:

– PayPal, an operator of international payment with which will be able to pay independently of if it is to title of an account PayPal or no

– The charge cards accepted are VISA, MasterCard, and other international charge cards.

If has some problem with his payment, try the following:

It use an alternative charge card

It use a method of alternative payment

Reinicie His browser web and try again

It delete the cookies of his computer or vacíe his memory caché. After this, try again

If his problems persist, do not concern . Put in contact with us sending an email to [email protected]

“This trader engages to not allowing any transaction that was illegal, or consider by the marks of charge cards or the bank adquiriente, that can or have the potential to damage the good will of the same or influence of negative way in them. The following activities are forbidden in virtue of the programs of the marks of cards: the sale or offer of a product or service that was not of full compliance with all the applicable laws to the Buyer, Bank Emisor, Trader, Headline of the card, or cards. Besides, the following activities also are forbidden explicitly: “Sale of alcoholic drinks to minors of 18 years””.



All the requests are sent among 1-4 back business days to the reception of the same. If by any cause this was not possible, will notify you by means of email and will provide you a date estimated of sending.
Important note*: The times of delivery can be affected in periods of tall volume of sales (like Black friday, Navidad..)
VINOS DE TERRUNOS makes sendings to Spain (Peninsula) and Balearic
In case to want to do a change in the direction of delivery once made the request, is indispensable that notify us in the main possible shortness. Once issued the package, will not be possible to make any change of direction.
Any change of direction once the request was issued, or any application of delivery in a distinct domicile will have an overburden equivalent to the cost of the sending
For all the sendings to Spain, the company of mail commissioned of the distribution and transport of all our requests is GLS. For any commentary, suggestion or surgery, his telephone of attention to the client is the +34 902 113 300
will not be able to make sendings to PO boxes.


They will not make returns on no account.
Only it will make a change if the bottle arrived broken and the liquid saw affected.
In any one of the cases, is indispensable that the subject products to a change are in mint condition and without evident signs of use, of the contrary will not be able to make any change. It is your responsibility provide the suitable packaging so that the articles arrive correctly. If the articles receive in bad state, will not be able to effect the change requested.

The period of time to change an article is of 14 days from the delivery of the request.


The present Legal notice regulates the general conditions of access and utilisation of the accessible website in the direction (from now on, the website), that VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL puts to disposal of the users of Internet.

The utilisation of the website involves the full acceptance and wholeheartedly of all and each one of the included disposals in this Legal notice. In consequence, the user of the website has to read attentively the present Legal notice in each one of the occasions in that it propose use the web, since the text could suffer modifications to criterion of the title of the web, or owing to a legislative change, jurisprudential or in the business practice.

The users buying in admit to be main of age.



Domicile: street University 4,2-14 46003, Valencia, Spain

C.I.F.: B98786049

Email: [email protected]

Mercantile Register of Valencia Take 10.069, Folio: 92, – Presentation: 1/854/242 Folio 36, Date of presentation 19 January 2017


The website facilitates to the users of the same the access to information and services loaned by VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL to those people or organisations interested in the same.


3.1.- Free character of the access and utilisation of the web. The access to the web has free character for the users of the same.

3.2.- Register of users. With general character the access and utilisation of the web does not demand the previous subscription or register of the users of the same.


The language used by the headline in the web will be the Spanish. VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL does not hold of the no understanding or understanding of the language of the web by the user, neither of his consequences.

VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL will be able to modify the contents without prior notice, as well as suppress and change these inside the web, like the form in that it accesses to these, without justification some and freely, not to hold of the consequences that the same can ocasionar to the users.

It forbids the use of the contents of the web to promote, hire or spread advertising or own information or of third people without the permission of VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL, neither remit advertising or information costing for this of the services or information that put to disposal of the users, independently of if the utilisation is free or no.

The links or hyperlinks that incorporate third in his web pages, headed to this web, will be for the opening of the complete web page, not being able to manifest, direct or indirectly, dud indications, inaccurate or garbled, neither incur in disloyal or illicit actions against of VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL


So much the access to the web like the no consented use that it can effect of the information contained in the same is of the exclusive responsibility of the one who makes it. VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL will not answer of any consequence, harm or damage that could derive of said access or use. VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL does not do responsible of the errors of security, that can produce neither of the harms that can cause to the computer system of the user (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored in the same, like consequence of:

– The presence of a virus in the computer of the user that was used for the connection to the services and contents of the web.

– A bad operation of the browser.

– And/or of the use of versions no updated of the same.

VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL does not do responsible of the reliability and rapidity of the hyperlinks that incorporate in the web for the opening of others. VINOS DE TERRUNOS PASTOR GILABERT SL does not guarantee the utility of these links, neither hold of the contents or services to which can access the user by means of these links, neither of the good operation of these webs.